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Ing. Stephanie Leiner
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Buy-to-let apartments

Buy-to-let apartments




Invest today, reap benefits long-term.

Many investors trust in real estate more than in any other form of investment. The value appreciation and rent increases achieved in the Austrian conurbations in the past decades are ample proof of the reliability of this form of investment. A “buy-to-let” apartment stands for a steady index-secured income and sustained real estate performance.

The No. 1 address on the square.

In the centre of Schwechat, the liveliest town in the vicinity of Vienna, we are in the process of building a small but sophisticated residential park designed as a low-energy building that will enrich the lives and bring happiness to its residents. Up to 96 apartments are to be constructed in four buildings at Alanovaplatz 1 in a quiet location with direct connection to shopping facilities and the excellent Schwechat infrastructure (everything you need in easy walking distance). The ensemble is to be built in contemporary Italian style and will impart a little of the attitude to life and lightness of the south. An extensive green area design with private gardens and communal recreational outdoor areas give the villanova project a unique atmosphere. Children will find shady playgrounds (noise-reduced) while adults will find a forum that encourages pleasant get-togethers, reading or working with a notebook in a green outdoor environment.

villanova - Buy-to-let apartments

The investment carries only a low risk and is comparatively reasonable.

If you are looking for one or perhaps even several buy-to-let apartments in a sought-after location, the villanova residential project offers an attractive opportunity to invest in premium buy-to-let apartments – commission free – directly from the property developer. On request every buy-to-let apartment can be fitted with a ready-to-use, built-in brand name kitchen at an additional cost. Tenants are sought and found by Immobilienwelt LEINER in order to ensure the buy-to-let apartment is rented out to reliable tenants. So investors do not have to worry about this sensitive issue, they can trust in the many years of experience and the competence of a well-established local partner.

villanova - Buy-to-let apartments
villanova - Buy-to-let apartments



Secured in compliance with the Commercial Development Act you purchase from us an overall package - everything from a single source - from the conception, fittings that meet tenants’ requirements and financing through to include full occupancy. The choice ranges from buy-to-let apartments of 40 m² to 137 m² plus terrace or garden. At € 2,800.- to € 3,000.- per square meter the price of a villanova buy-to-let apartment is considerably lower than that in neighbouring Simmering – while nevertheless being the more exclusive address.




Your profit from the purchase of a villanova buy-to-let apartment:

  • Sustained real estate performance in Schwechat’s new town centre
  • Secure investment of your savings
  • Inheritable, inflation-proof property
  • Ownership of a real tangible freehold residential property,
    not just an anonymous joint ownership property
  • Sound legal and fiscal concept thanks to the experts of TPA Krems
  • Security based on real property registered in the Land Registry
  • No time expenditure needed for conception, realisation, letting
  • Professional marketing by Schwechat’s leading real estate agent



I. Reimbursement of the VAT levied on the purchase price
In compliance with the Value Added Tax Act you as the landlord have entrepreneurial status and can claim the VAT as input tax.

II. Reduction of income tax
Advertising costs reduce your income tax:

  • Interest arising from the financing of the purchase price
  • Ancillary financing costs
  • Costs connected with letting
  • Tax advisor costs
  • Property management costs
  • As of the time of letting: depreciation for wear and tear
    Depreciation for wear and tear (AfA) of the apartment over 67 years (1.5 % p.a.)
    Depreciation for wear and tear (AfA) of the kitchen and kitchen equipment over 10 years (10 % p.a.)

The resulting fiscally negative income can be offset against other positive income in the year these are incurred.

III. Realisation of value appreciation.
The buy-to-let apartment can be sold subsequently as a real freehold apartment. An additional index-adjusted income can also be earned for an unlimited period of time by means of index-adjusted rental income.



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